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Bad Mouse Digital Art is an independent video game studio formed in the year 2006.
We are located in Chile, South America.

Our small team of 2 artists and a mad programmer are passionate developers with a depth love for games, the technology and some other freaky stuff. The biggest influence in our vision comes from classic games like Super Mario Bros, Prince of Persia, DoDonPachi and many other great games.

The current goal of the team is to develop video games, mods and remakes of classic games on the PC platform.
We hope you enjoy our games and please let us know what you think!


- RELEASED ( 2022 )
Screen Space Shaders is an addon for the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ANOMALY which implement a variety of new effects and fixes to the game. The addon is completely free and you only need the official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ANOMALY stand-alone client to play the game.

The addon implement modern effects like Screen Space Reflections, Screens Space Shadows, rain puddles, water with real time reflections and much more.

  • Ambient Occlusion.
  • Depth of Field effects.
  • Flora Material Fixes & Improvements.
  • Fog with enhanced features.
  • Indirect Light.
  • Screen Space Shadows.
  • Screen Space Reflections.
  • Shadow Mapping Fixes.
  • Skybox Debanding.
  • Volumetric Sun Rays Fixes.
  • Rain Puddles.
  • Ice Shader.
  • Water Shader.
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- RELEASED ( 2020 )
BATTLE CITY REMAKE is a remake of the original game produced and published by Namco at the year 1985.

The game is a multi-directional shooter where you control a tank that must destroy all 20 enemies in each stage to advance to the next level. The enemy tanks on the other side attempt to destroy the player's base as well as the player.

The 35 levels from the game have been created maintaining the same layout and level of destruction of the original game.
Game Features

  • Gameplay 100% true to the original Battle City
  • Play with your friends in the 2 players co-op mode
  • Local & Online Hi-Score
  • The 35 original stages of Battle City
  • A map editor to create your own maps
  • Share your custom maps Online
  • Multi-language [ English, Polish, Russian & Spanish ]
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Customizable graphics & controls
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- RELEASED ( 2020 )
Sobreviviendo en Rapa Nui ( Surviving in Rapa Nui ) is a graphic adventure in 2.5D set on the island of Rapa Nui ( Easter Island ). The video game was developed for the Tejido Verde Foundation with financing provided by CONICYT and its Explora program.

The game has 8 representative locations on the island of Rapa Nui in which the player is taught through missions about the importance of water, how it works and why we should take care of it.
Game Features

  • 8 Rapa Nui locations.
  • 9 characters with varied missions and puzzles.
  • Educational game, focused on water care.
  • Audio and texts in Spanish and Rapa Nui.
  • Application available on Android and Windows.
  • Beautiful 2D and 3D graphics
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- RELEASED ( 2019 )
This simulator was developed for the Technological University of Chile INACAP, its purpose is to help students to have an easy and secure access to a tractor and its accessories.

The simulation of the Tractor has tried to be a faithful representation of reality, it has 4 gears, Dual Power, Clutch, 4x4 traction, Hydraulic Arms, Lights, Intermittent, Handbrake, etc.

The virtual environment where the simulator operates was created based on a real location using photography and satellite information (Gualmapu, Araucanía Region, Chile).
Game Features

  • Map based on a Real location.
  • Complete simulation of a tractor. (Gears, Dual Power, Hydraulic Arms, etc.)
  • Fully interactive cabin.
  • 3 fully functional accessories. (Trailer, Disc Harrow and Chisel Plow)
  • Realistic audio and graphics.
  • Configurable controls and graphics.
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- RELEASED ( 2012 )
Flying Sheeps is a original game that will test your skills and patience without mercy.

The mission of the game is simple, with the help of your aerostatic ballon you have to find and rescue all your sheep that have escaped to the sky, but the sky is not a safe place, many hazards like mines, clouds and wolves will try to blow up your balloon at all cost.
Game Features

  • The full game has 50 levels
  • 8 skins to unlock
  • A level editor to create your own challenges
  • Local & Online Hi-Score
  • Beautiful music
  • Customizable graphics & controls
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- RELEASED ( 2006 )
Montezuma’s Revenge Remake is a clone of the original game created by Parker Brothers at year 1984.

The mission is to resolve the labyrinth where the principal character Panama Joe is, this labyrinth is a pyramid full of treasures, doors and enemies.

The danger on the pyramid is imminent, the enemies like the spider and the skull will vanquish you with a simple touch. Be careful and try to beat the dangers on the depths of the pyramid of Montezuma.
Game Features

  • The piramid layout is like the original game
  • Treasures to found and enemies to dodge
  • Local Hi-Score
  • 5 Difficulty Settings
  • Customizable graphics & controls
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RED FLAG! is a multiplayer game that try to bring back the classic multi-directional shooter genre.

In this top-down camera view game your skills to aim fast are the only prerequisite to play and take down your enemies. The game features 7 maps, 3 game modes and a big arsenal of weapons. ( each weapon count with a unique set of sounds and game-play characteristics )

The game includes the possibility of create your own game server and configure bots and other game rules to customize your experience.
  • - Game still in development...
Game Features

  • Competitive multiplayer design
  • 7 Maps
  • 20 Weapons to use
  • 3 Game Modes
  • Personal stats to check your performance
  • Various options to personalize your character
  • Bots with adjustable difficulty
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Customizable controls
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